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ham radio entrance panel

Your email address will not be published. You will usually have to knock the plug out of this hole by placing a screwdriver on it from the outside and tapping with a hammer. parts used in picture below: I disassembled the parts of the old panel and drilled holes in the new piece of wood to match the openings that I needed. Be prepared and able to communicate in case of emergency with the largest selection at eBay.com. Just click on any of them for a full sized version of the image. I liked the concept of the feed through panel but I didn’t like the price of them. Hi, Can anyone suggest the best way to get the coax from my dipole into the house without leaving any visible holes in walls/window frames etc? (Part 1 – Intention and Design). As you can see here, the connectors weren’t run straight through the panel but they were offset to allow for a connecting medium to be stored. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your amateur radio equipment, DX Engineering makes the finest cables, cable assemblies, and connectors available at affordable prices. You want to present 1 ground rising and falling in potential together. I simply found some spare 16 gauge wire and soldered it to the connectors. I knew this wouldn’t totally protect the connectors from water but I figured it would be more beneficial outside that it would be inside. panel, then into the pvc  panel being sure all Resources listed under Radio Control category belongs to Software main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Shack Entry Panel – Lightning Arrestor. Each has it's own set of requirements, but not all station setups need every kind of ground. I folded a towel and laid it horizontally on the bottom of the window frame to pad the coax and to provide some draft protection. Below is my version of the MFJ-4602 WINDOW FEED for a good seal Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. eHam's Product Reviews are for users to share their opinion, positive or negative, of a commercially available amateur radio-related product. The goal was to move the the signal to and from the radio with the lowest loss possible but yet keeping the house as sealed as possible from the weather elements and unwanted pest. //-->, KB3QLK Window Feed Through Panel! This didn’t conform to rule #3 “as ‘Non-Permanent’ as possible. InformationHam Hints  HumorHam Radio News!Post Reviews Product ReviewsHam Radio Videos! Station Ground with KF7P Entrance Panel I met Chris Perri, KF7P, at Hamvention, Dayton.   Antenna standoff arms . Cut 2 sections of the 1x4 pvc board  , Announcing the Activation of a new Transceiver feature. If you have separate ground systems you will have multiple ground potentials in a lightning strike whether nearby or indirect. That being the case, I was in search of my own solution. All of my antenna and control cables enter the shack via a KF7P custom entrance panel with Morgan, Alpha-Delta, and PolyPhaser surge suppressors.   Drilling through 8″ block, wall board and then exterior brick for a really long barrel connector wasn’t my first choice. Some groundsystems can servetwo or morefunctions quiteeffectively. the window so it can not be opened from outside. How do you make the two connect in the most efficient manner? the MFJ version with 4 , SO- 239 connectors in 3/4 inch plywood metal and start with a smaller bit first. I am concerned that the RF voltage on the feedline, at least where there is some possibility of people or animals coming in contact with it. If I purchased the MFJ unit I would have to figure out how to remove a section of the soffit that makes up part of the overhang of my second floor room. This problem was solved by recessing one side of the panel into the wood to match the thickness of the old board. I now had a window that was unsecured with rather expensive equipment just inside. fit. After all was in place and working well, I have now created the issue of home security. Entrance Panel - the fortress at your doorstep The important second stage of protection includes an Entrance Panel (EP, some times also called the bulk-head panel) by the house wall, which can have varistors , gas-discharge tubes , semiconductor devices and DC shorted coaxial stubs. I do not know if really matters but I feel it is now a better built panel. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. connectors and grounding bolt shown. A ground system provides four primary functions: All of thefunctions above aredistinctly unique. Be sure to use a punch before drilling the and 2 wing nuts Make it out of a 2x4 and it should not cost much more than $30. Nice job. They are used all around the world and can be used internationally or domestically. which I feel allows for a tighter more secure fit and requires no ((All-thread, feed-thru, bulk-head connectors) One for each coax feedline. Small 10”x10”x4”, 18 ga. galvanized steel entry panel box, includes copper sheet and … I chose to create the individual holes in the panel for structural integrity and for the insulation for the individual components. To solve this problem, I cut notches in 2 pieces of 2 by 4’s to wedge in between the now partially open window and the top of the window frame. Below are a few thumbnails of the pictures that I took during the project. Ham radio, hiking, coffee, and other tech talk. I'd use a rubber grommet (See pic)  I just used forstner bits on my drill press to get rid of most of the wood and make the recess even across the board. just attach the all thread and S0-239 4 inch connectors and tighten. tight fit!!! Price: $5/unit, any brand or model. - 1ea 8 inch section of all thread for ground Here you can see here that the original panel as built by MFJ is only 1/2 inch thick. picture below. Finished Window feed through viewed I hope to do the clean out of the storage/laundry room this weekend and have the MFJ 80M-6M doublet with open wire feed line up this coming week to actually get some use out of my equipment.   sheets to each side of the board and attach with stainless screws . So, as with most Ham radio operators, I had the dilemma of the proper way to bring the antenna coax into the shack. I looked into making one with some barrel connectors and other items that I had laying around the workshop. Reprinted with permission of the author. Thanks for letting me share this project with you! - 8 stainless screws to hold stainless sheet to If you don't One of them was a MFJ 4603 for $50! Just pricing the barrel connectors, I wasn’t going to be able to make it as cheap as I was hoping. Increase quantity after adding to cart. sheets to each side of the board and attach with stainless screws . The feedline will run from the antenna to an attachment point on the house and down to a grounded entrance panel. window panel: 2x4 Ask ElmerAbout BatteriesCode PracticeComputer HelpElectronicsFCC Being that I now needed several of them, I tried my hand at making them myself. Repeater Final Verdict: This handheld ham radio is a great option for novice ham radio users. really mean my XYL - lol), did not want any more holes through the Around!SEARCHCQ-Calling All Most of them have PL-259′s and others have balanced line, random wire, type F and type N connections. My Ham Radio Software. Next drill 4 small holes to attach the stainless My window opening is less than 30 inches inside the frame (probably 28.5 inches, can’t get to it to measure as the storage room needs stuff moved around to make it into a ham shack on a good computer desk). Through the years, I have been hearing problems from fellow hams over the air, and even in personal eyeball communications, about how they can organize and implement a good and effective Radio … job. Shack ground bar. After asking a few friends who have already conquered this obstacle, I found that I wasn’t as fortunate to have an abandoned dryer vent or other previously established receptacle that would allow for the direct entrance of coax with little to no modification.   google_ad_width = 160; After the weather striping was in place, I simply dropped the new panel in place, closed the window, connected my antennas to the outside and then ran jumpers from the inside of the panel to the appropriate equipment. as needed. 5. I just took 2 ea 3 inch picture below. My version cost about $40 to make , I also wanted to keep the modification as ”non-permanent” as possible; Not because I didn’t have the intention of remaining in the hobby, but because I wasn’t sure if the basement would be the permanent location of the radio station. My concern is having a ground bus at that point that has to go all the way down to the Ground & Power In (green box) point. through connectors if needed. Open the cover by removing the screws, and set the cover aside. Measure inside edges of window , you want a very This allowed me to apply downward pressure on the window to seal the weather stripping and to maintain a window that wasn’t vulnerable to a gentle tug from he outside. Use a device listed for the purpose. Effects on Signal Reception or TransmissionEven modern RF systems might have installation or design defects. This simply was a peel and stick application that seemed to work well. radio control software,for swl and ham radio operators programs category is a curation of 130 web resources on , IcomControl for PCR1000, RadioMax, Radio Frequency - ICOM R8500. My first thought was to punch out a single pane of the window, sandwich 2 pieces of plywood to cover the opening and use the barrel connectors to make the connections. 3. One problem that I ran into was that the connectors for the MFJ panel were designed to fit the narrow board instead of the new thicker board that I had made. prevent it from being opened without removing the screws.   I choose to face the recessed side to the outside to provide a little more protection from the weather. Drill first in the stainless 2.   panel save $$ use a 2x4 - you'll have to paint the wood Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Tune Drill 5ea 5/8 holes and a smaller hole for the You want the holes in the   DXE carries top ham radio brands including Yaesu, Kenwood, ICOM, MFJ, Butternut & more. One of the things I wanted when I had my new shack built was a proper entrance panel for all the rotor, coax and other cables into the shack. Test fit your panel and trim as This particular panel came with DC/AC power connections to run power outside of the shack. from inside shackWindow feed through above and all sides of the panel. thickness PVC board for added strength! THROUGH PANEL http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/6631 The MFJ panel had one long void that ran the entire length of the board rather than the individual holes. shorter feed through connectors if your window won't fit a HF & ShortwaveLicense StudyLinksMidi MusicReading RoomRepeater Basics connectors mounted on PVC "board". tight fit!!! I had some 1 1/4″ weather striping left over from a previous project that I applied to the top and bottom edge for a better seal. you'll be using 2 together (2x4), Cut the stainless sheet in half - will be It was cut to a narrower window that mine but I figured that I could play around with it and make it work for my purpose. Maybe drill two holes for coax bulkheads (I only plan to use one at the moment for my 6M/2M/440 vertical above the radio room), some all-thread bolts and wing nuts for one or two balanced feedlines (my main reason to even do this), a ground bolt and a random wire bolt (all-thread also and some wingnuts there, too). This was only a temporary fix for several reasons. There are different places in the system where different functions are necessary. 3x18 The coax was less than $1 per foot and the good PL-259’s were around $3 each (probably cheaper in bulk at the local hamfest). These defects can - Use a  single peace of PVC board and TricksHam SatellitesShortwave ListeningSSTVSupport The SiteSTOREVhf and UpContactSite MapPrivacy PolicyLegal StuffAdvertising It offers all of the necessary functions, plus a few bonus features; and, it’s easy to use and comes complete with all of the necessary accessories, as well as a fully year of concierge support. A drill press will help to ensure that your holes are at 90 degrees. Measure inside edges of window , you want a very Use the weather Hams!About HamuniverseAntenna DesignAntenna Safety! Cut 2 sections of the 1x4 pvc board , you'll be using 2 together (2x4) Cut the stainless sheet in half - will be 3x18. Cable entrance panels, wall mount. Sales, Supplies, and Service. Amateur Radio Station Grounding and Lightning Protection Preface Grounding and lightning protection are critical to the safe and legal operation of an Amateur Radio station. Finished Window feed through viewed Also the pvc looks like wood and will last forever!I think For example, when there is a main panel and sub-panel, it was a common mistake for DIY'ers and professionals alike to connect the ground with the neutral in the panels. The insulated post could  have been modified with relatively inexpensive bolts and such to allow for the thicker stock but I would have still had to purchase the longer barrel connectors that would have more than doubled the cost of this project. 3x18. Other options - all thread in the panel (about 2 inchs apart on I went ahead a cut an angle on the bottom side to match the slope of the window base. This is important because your faceplate on the opposite side needs to match. Cut 2 sections of the 1x4 pvc board  , Audio from the USAF Thunderbirds during Flyover at Superbowl LIII, The 1 QSO Antenna (Part 2 – The Rest of the Story), The 1 QSO antenna! All-thread, feed-thru, bulk-head World's Largest Supplier of Amateur Radio, Ham Radio, and Communication Equipment. connectors mounted on PVC "board". ladder line to bring into the shack Other security measures can be taken, not just for this one, but for all windows but that is for another blog on another day. Ham radio antenna, transceivers, coax cable & other amateur radio gear. Now air conditioners , for top of lower window , like this: http://images.builderssquare.com/Detail/0/5/776/5776394_Detail.jpgMajor December 10, 2017. All-thread, feed-thru, bulk-head -  2ea -  3 inch dry wall type screws -  PVC rot proof board as I used or to Safety from the human, dwelling, and equipment aspects; legal from … It also allows me to play with project antennas without At the panel, turn off the main breaker. A review should provide useful relevant opinions of a product. BuildersRFI Tips and Use more as needed for your station. Cables and connectors make up the lifeline of your entire station, allowing all of its components to work together. As thoughtful as the towel buffer appeared, it was no match for 10 degree (F) weather and 25 MPH winds. As this would work in most applications, I wanted a board that would be as wide as my window. MFJ makes several feed through panels with different configurations of connections. I could have used the same entrance as the satellite dish coax and just ran the feed lines into the radio room from there. wire Next drill 4 small holes to attach the stainless The box comes in several sizes and Chris offers powder-coat finishes in many colors. painting. little extra room in the PVC so you'll have a nice square Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Grounding and Bonding for the Radio … Great deals on Vintage Ham Radio. Wallpaper refers to awards and certificates earned in ham radio. Required fields are marked *. The arti… -  thin sheet of stainless steel - I Coax, rotor cable, ladder line. Their panel is only 3/4 inch thick plywood and mine is 4 inch PVC board General Logging: LOG4OM Version 2. An advertisement for the MFJ soffit entrance panel got me thinking about a new entrance for the transmission line. floor or walls. Drill 5ea 5/8 holes and a smaller hole for the The window was able to be secured when completely closed but not when partially open. Info all thread in the panel (about 2 inchs apart on The goal was to move the the signal to and from the radio with the lowest loss possible but yet keeping the house as sealed as … ( you’ll see a picture of that below). Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Chris of KF7P METALWERKS has great web site offering well-made entrance panels with copper sheet ground-bus sheets and grommet-fitted entry holes for your coax, etc. aluminum strips but changed my mind and stuck with feed future rotor control wire . Given the location of the office, it would be much more efficient cost and loss wise to run conduit inside the barn right up to the Desired Location for the entrance panel (yellow box). After antennas, station grounding is probably the most discussed subject in amateur radio and it is also the one replete with the most misconceptions. Alpha Delta arrestors. Separate means something is going to get fried. Drill first in the stainless Contest Logging: N1MM + JT Weak Signal Modes (FT8, MSK144): WSJT-X. center).   But that would have added 50-100 feet of more feed line per antenna that I wasn’t willing to buy nor accept the loss for the longer runs. just attach the all thread and S0-239 4 inch connectors and tighten. So, as with most Ham radio operators, I had the dilemma of the proper way to bring the antenna coax into the shack. 8. Ham & Amateur Radio Electronics. The first thing to know is that there are three functions served by grounding in ham shacks: 1. Lightning Protection. Drill 5ea 5/8 holes and a smaller hole for the all thread in the panel (about 2 inchs apart on center). Radio inside, Antennas outside. long screws above the lower window screwed into the window track to Price: $2.95 ea. 4. To maintain the security of the house, I had to reverse the operation after I was QRT so that the window could be secured. Stray RF Suppression (or simply RF Grounding) 3. - Cut a hole into pvc to Morgan Manufacturing arrestors. - 2 stainless bolts on PVC panel to attach (See pic)  I wanted a snug fit so I cut the boards a little long and wedged them in the gap. stainless. AND I was able to customize the lengths of the jumpers rather than using all 3′ runs. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The first kit I built was one I purchased this year at Hamvention: the Ham Radio Workbench 12 VDC Power Distribution Strip. Coax ground bus. panel, then into the pvc  panel being sure all DXCC – confirming contacts with 100 or more distinct “entities” (think countries although some entities are not a unique country like Alaska and Hawaii). like using screws, you can use a tightly cut length of wood to do the Notice holes drilled into double 6. you'll be using 2 together (2x4) Within a few days, I found a fellow ham radio operator post a few items on a local reflector about items that he was looking to sell. Cut the stainless sheet in half - will be - door weather stripping for See google_ad_slot = "1982258389"; metal and start with a smaller bit first. I’ve been on a search for two types of fused Anderson Powerpole distribution panels: a portable one for the field with at least 4 ports, and a large one for the shack with 12-16 ports and at least two USB 5VDC ports. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9377297764300878"; having to run new coax through an open window or going through the effort You want the holes in the So I simply used the hardware from the MFJ panel and installed it onto a board  that I had already cut to fit. will last forever and I can add new connectors I used this panel because I, (by I, I Your thoughts on this since you’ve give this a lot of thought before modifying an MFJ window pass through panel to fit what looks like a much wider window? - a single stainless bolt in pvc for random If you don’t already know how to make your own jumpers, get with an elmer and learn a new skill! The Entrance Panel is also heavily grounded and all coaxial's braids get bonded there to house … holes are aligned . Once your panel is in place you'll need to secure As a temporary fix, I simply opened the window and ran the coax into the house. With the placement of my antennas, I was able to route the feed lines in a way that they would drop off of the roof and fall directly in front (or very close to) a window that led into my radio room. After some research on the internet, I came across the idea of a Window Feed Through Panel. - I left space for at least 2 more S0-239 feed A valid product review is one where you have experience or knowledge of the product you would like to share with others. connectors and grounding bolt shown 1.-  SO-239 connects , 4 inch long - I used 5 Electrical Safety 2. google_ad_height = 600; Your email address will not be published. (See pic) This was rather easy using the faceplate as a template. Installation of arrestors or other items in entry panel boxes, includes hardware. Surge protection on power strips at the equipment is a measure of last resort. Drill first in the stainless panel, then into the pvc panel … See It was slightly used but had no serious signs of wear on it. thickness PVC board for added strength. from inside shackWindow feed through