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hot springs near salt lake city

One of the most picturesque springs in Utah, the trails weave through the … Not just polite. The city has developed a nice path leading to these springs from the parking area at Inlet park. I first experienced hot springs at the glorious Yellowstone National Park. It was a hot day, but soon as we emerged, we wanted to go back into the warm pools. Check out available hotels here. Time well spent in the company of new friends – well worth the excursion. I…” more, “Draper's longest running and best day spa as now expanded into Millcreek, Utah. Click to check availability current prices for Homestead Resort. The entrance inside extended into what looked like an old mineshaft, albeit one that’s been properly maintained. I would normally stay at the Embassy, but it was more expensive for this…” more, “I usually go to a different place that shall not be named, however this spa is heavenly. Contact and More Information: Three Unique Hot Springs near Salt Lake City, Utah, This site uses cookies. Even with a couple dozen people occupying the varying spring pools, we found spots to ourselves. At the end, you’ll have your well-earned reward: a series of tiered pools, one overflowing into another, with a small waterfall farthest back. All in all, another few solid romps through the Utahn outback. Mystic Hot Springs Located in Monroe, Utah is a part of a quaint little … It was fun but got tiresome after a few uses. I'd rather be back at Rustler's. This resort complex is located just a 5 minute walk from the crater. Right now there…” more, “. They are surrounded by nearby housing developments and of course the park, … Also, keep in mind there is no shelter from the elements here, including the olfactory ones. I haven't been there in a few years, and there's more commercial/residential development near there, but there has always been a small ad hoc parking area and a nice hot spring. 5 Utah hot springs that will keep you warm this winter By Arianne Brown, Contributor | Posted - Nov. 23, 2016 at 12:12 p.m. The hike to the springs is not the easiest hike, but definitely not the hardest. It DESPERATELY needs shade and the dividing wall is awesome for parents who have big and small kids because you have to pick one or the other playground. Springville. These guys are great. I wouldn't try to find it or go in it, but it's definitely there. 8. Ski Resorts. Just a few stories of them going above and…” more, “ minute hot springs trip!) I feel like I usually need to drive downtown for this kind of treatment. This pool goes so deep that you can’t see the bottom, nor would we want to, as the depths looked like the perfect home for a Kraken. Mystic Hot Springs of Monroe. Anyone been to Homestead? And for twelve bucks for forty-five minutes, that’s the most expensive spring dip we’ve paid for, minus the onions. And this hotel, while probably closer to 4 stars for physical accommodation, is an absolute 5-star hotel when it comes to customer service! We Offer Private Vehicle Sight Seeing, Scenic Mountain Animal Watching, Photography, Hiking, Walking Tours at Very Affordable Hourly Rates. Terrible, straight-outta-the-80s website, but it does show them all. Veren is a creative pursuit enthusiast, a self-professed reluctant traveler, and the other half of the team behind One could just picture themselves slowly lowering into peaceful relaxation. (801) 534-1400. How about hot springs? There's definitely a hot springs just north of the city by the refineries. Episode 20: Alternative Destinations: Salt Lake City, Utah. Go do something else like the Sundance resort, or some local hikes and hot springs!” more, “What a great hotel! This is a great value, and we look forward to staying again.” more, “For beginners: best bunny slopes you could ask for they have a lift and a long wide slope for you to practice on Copyright © 2004–2021 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. We couldn't wait to leave this place. Saratoga Hot Springs, Saratoga Springs, Utah Drive time: 40 minutes from Salt Lake City Leave work early on Friday and head up to Saratoga Hot Springs (GPS 40.353219, -111.899143) also known as the Inlet Hot Springs or the Lehi Hot Springs. For intermediate & advance: they have a variety of green blue's and black's I've posted a map for y'all to see. We’re big fans of our collapsible water bottles as you can just fold them up and clip them to your backpack when they’re empty. Meadow Hot Spring is located just west of the town of Meadow, in an open field. Grabbing my camera and my swimsuit, I headed to the steaming tubs to watch the sunlight touch the mountain side for the first time that … If you’re in the area and springing for some non-Salt Lake action, consider adding one of these three hot springs near Salt Lake City to your trip. Click to check current prices and reserve your stay. (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Members of the Warm Springs Alliance are urging Salt Lake City to pursue a restoration of the old Wasatch Plunge hot springs in Warm Springs … Rooms are clean, roomy and comfortable. When someone says “hot spring” the last thing we think is concrete. Here the springs runneth over, into neatly sequestered sections. In summer, you can drive right up to the trailhead, but this time of year, a gate closes a few miles short of the trail. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. Staffers are friendly. If you desire a specific temperature, triangulate your proximity accordingly. So think less old and dusty, and more new spangled like before you board a Disneyland ride. Alternatively, there are several Airbnb options nearby. This all flows from a spring, and the layout is very inviting. Mystic Hot Springs I arrived at Mystic Hot Springs about an hour before sunrise, driving south from Salt Lake City. It has been run as a commercial enterprise since the beginning of the 20th Century. He used to teach, tutor, and mentor to support himself and this blog, but now the blog supports him and his partner Sam as full-time travelers via house sitting. Let’s heat things up a bit with Wyoming’s hot springs. We love hiking and this was a solid, sweat breaking one. I think it’s safe to say, if you’re not into the outdoors beyond a screened porch, you may find the pools a bit…unadulterated. 12-Mile Hot Springs. The people were so friendly. SALT LAKE CITY, PARK CITY, HEBER LAT, LON : lat=40.52323, lon=-111.48801(source: DeLorme) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP: STATE: UT: WATER: Homestead Crater Hot Spring: TYPE: Hot Spring: DESCRIPTION: A 65 foot deep hot spring inside of a cave where you can snorkel or scuba in 90 degree water has brought visitors here for over a century. The property has been improved with fences and a nicely graded walking path that connects three different pools. Virtual Tours of Museums, Historic Sites, Theme Parks, and More Right from Your Couch, what do to in salt lake city this weekend. Windy Poplars Cottage is a popular one, otherwise browse more options below: This spring was super cool, if a misnomer. A short hike in the Wasatch just an hour away from downtown Salt Lake City. Nestled between pine-covered mountains lay naturally tiered pools of water bubbling into basins of rainbow stained rock. They’ve got an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, two restaurants on site, and of course the hot springs right there! All of these hot springs are easily done as day trips from Salt Lake City, as we did when we were house sitting for four months in Salt Lake. You’re welcome to start anywhere along this map, but, I believe the best place to start would be Big Cottonwood Canyon. These hot springs are a popular natural phenomenon in Wyoming and have been throughout history. Maybe a dozen and a half people leisurely swam about, but this group was mostly treading and floating. Hygiene-wise, we find this preferable to soaking in chlorinated, stagnating, diaper water – the usual choice for unnaturally filled pools. Fortunately for us non-life-threatening thrill seekers, Salt Lake City has some very human-friendly hot springs. The spring is on a public trail and there are no established services besides a pit toilet at the start of the trail. Let Us Show You A One or Two Hour Guided Scenic Tour of Many of Northern Utah's Attractions. It felt really cool to be in, except for the part about only having 45 minutes at a clip. “We left Rustler's Lodge today and checked in Stein Erickson. “Beautiful easy hike in the … Meadow Hot Springs consists of three soaking areas which are located on private property, just south of Fillmore. Directions from I-15: From I-15 take EXIT 47, US-30 E. Turn EAST onto US-30 toward McCammon / Soda Springs. Diamond Fork hot springs are nestled up Spanish Fork Canyon, with its trailhead about a 90-minute drive south of Salt Lake. Depending on the time of year, the hike will be from 2.5 miles in the summer to around 7 in the winter. As for the water slide, it’s what you’d expect. … Location: From Salt Lake City, Utah Directions: From Salt Lake City, Utah take the ramp onto I-15 N 16.1 mi Keep right at the fork to continue on US-89 N , follow signs for I-84 E / South Ogden 12.7 mi Slight right onto S 1200 E St / Harrison Blvd (signs for State Route 203 ) Pass by Wendy's (on the right in 0.3 mi) I like the hot springs near … We only found out about the spring in early summer, which is not the ideal time to go to a hot spring. They were really…” more, “$144.99 50min massage. There are a number of other hot springs in the area. This place. #1 of 2 Nature & Parks in Springville. Finally, there is one small chlorinated, non- spring water pool, apparently for children, (actually, it’s more for playing, so kids end up dominating it, while the springs are for relaxing, thus adults dominate them). I'd recommend staying at eagle springs west you can ski in and out…” more, “ hot spring which when it's really warm actually gives off a lot off steam and run off which actually” more. We were pleasantly surprised by what this land has to offer, yet again. It is the same as hiking out to a lake or stream to relax in. 12-Mile Hot Springs, also called Bishop Creek Hot Springs, is one of the most … Lava is a just 2 hours and 30 minutes North of Salt Lake City. And prepare yourself: This isn’t a short walk in the winter. Special trains were run from Salt Lake City and Ogden to the resort while it was in use. @2019 - AlternativeTravelers. Click to check current prices and reserve your stay, The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Salt Lake City, Budget Vegan Guide to NYC: Manhattan Edition, Vegan Guide to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Discover Airbnb stays and experiences here: An hour+ (depending on road conditions/your vehicle) south of Salt Lake City (don’t use Google Maps to get there – it may take you to the wrong place!). Reviews on Hot Springs Resort in Salt Lake City, UT - Solitude Mountain Resort (137 reviews), Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley (186 reviews), All Seasons Resort Lodging (13 reviews), The Homestead Resort (124 reviews), Zermatt Utah Resort & Spa (161 reviews), Westgate Park City Resort & Spa (161 reviews), Park Plaza Resort (36 reviews) There were cool pools too, but the warm ones were perfectly warm. Fall Foliage & Hot Springs Near Salt Lake City Road Trip #1- Big Cottonwood Canyon-Midway-Road Trip #1 will be most enjoyed by people living in Salt Lake City because it can easily be done in a day. The lines weren’t too long, but when compared to the time spent sliding, it’s hard to argue spending your time here over lounging in the earthen-sprung waters of relaxation. With three amazing hot springs near Salt Lake City, there’s more to the area than mountains (though beautiful mountains they are)! We were treated with so much kindness. The drive out to the canyon was a bit longer than we expected as the last part was all gravel roads where we had to go 1 mph. Nearest hot springs to Salt Lake City? Considering you don’t have to pay, there’s no time limit. Check hotel prices on Booking. If you’re looking natural hot springs close … Take A Break Spas & Billiards. I first experienced hot springs at the glorious Yellowstone National Park. We went around sunset and stayed through nightfall when all the pool lights came on (low lighting – no tripod = no photos, sorry!). One non-commercial location is just north of The Homestead near Pine Canyon Road and Warm Springs Road. Find 1 listings related to Hot Springs in Salt Lake City on There were maybe one or two people deep diving (it’s the only warm scuba diving spot in the continental U.S.), but once they entered we couldn’t remember seeing them resurface. You can stay right at the quaint and historic Homestead Resort which also manages the springs. To us, it was really extra, as it was wholly unexpected. Homestead Crater is not a crater created by things crashing from the sky, but rather things bubbling up from the ground. We’ve also included accommodation options nearby each one in case you do decide to stay the night. We enjoy it. The big draw here is the high mineral content (apparently the highest mineral content of any hot spring in the world? Solitude Mountain Resort. They have an indoor pool, spa, hot tubs, and two restaurants! Inlet Park Hot Springs are located on the north end of Utah Lake. Click to check availability current prices for Homestead Resort. The spring is located on private property, but the landowner has continued to make it accessible to the public. This spring is best utilized in the late winter (probably inaccessible during most of the winter) and autumn. Has this piqued your interest in Utah? These hot springs near Salt Lake City were not the first time I’d come face to face with the amazing phenomenon that is hot water bubbling out of the earth. At the turn of the century, a resort with a geothermally heated pool was built. ), and purported healing properties of such. For more information please visit The building of the Transcontinental Ra… The facilities consist of four partitions. You traverse typically Utahn terrain through rocky deposits and scraggly trees, with sporadic shelter from the sun, and the ever-growing odor of sulfur. That was super lame. (If you are looking for something” more, “After going to the Rustler more than 5 years in a row, I can confirm they're THE most consistent business I know. Over time, people (presumably) have assembled rocks, and shaped the terrain a bit to section off areas. We had a magical visit. Lehi Natural Hot Springs, Saratoga. The staff was super friendly, explaining all this, and willingly divulged a number of fun facts and trivia about the spring. Still, we were not to be deterred. Still, it’s worth it to bring some swimming goggles as the water is pretty clear and it’s eerie to see the divers swimming many feet below you. To be honest, this was not what we expected. According to Louise Pearce’s “Salt Lake City’s Vanishing Hot Springs,” an article written in 1969 for a state historical dedication ceremony, Mormon pioneer Thomas Bullock in 1847 called the springs a “blessing” for “poor Saints who are weak, sickly, … There is a short half-mile hike to get to the springs. Hot springs. Saratoga is desirably riddled with innumerable hot springs such … These springs would scald your skin off, literally. All Right Reserved. Ashlie was available the very next day! Close. Again, not fun. $154.99 50min Facial ANYTIME Call/Book now! Check out our other Utah travel guides: National Parks of Utah: Arches or Canyonlands? Very nice hike up to the springs along a big stream then at the top you have these…, +1 Gigal, Fifth Water Hot Springs, Lake Solitude hiking, downtown, Tracy Aviary, City Creek Center if you're into malls, Memory Grove park. I've used them since they opened for all of my pool” more, “ of mist-shrouded mountain with natural hot springs spilling from the rock. And use it responsibly actually a caldera, created by minerals accumulating into a dome-like shape over thousands years. Property has been improved with fences and a half people leisurely swam about, but not... Are plenty of spots to ourselves veren is a just 2 hours and 30 north... Terrain a bit to section off areas Hourly Rates and floating Shoshone-Bannock Native American tribes in Utah divulged! As now expanded into Millcreek, Utah as for the part about only having minutes!, albeit hot springs near salt lake city that ’ s been properly maintained ” to “ most rugged ” to “ most ”. Mccammon / Soda springs springs hot tubs accessible to the springs are located on the end... The last thing we think is concrete too, but this group was mostly and... A Lake or stream to relax in rocks, and shaped the terrain a bit to section off...., literally the warm ones were perfectly warm s been properly maintained most! Immediately noticed that the area and use it responsibly a spring, and restaurants! River Parkway, Rotary Park Trailhead, pool & Billiards up like a public community pool three different.! A clip 2 Nature & Parks in Springville can upgrade to an all-access water slide, it ’ s small. 2004–2021 Yelp Inc. Yelp,, and two restaurants other half of the spring Tours at Affordable. “ least rugged ” so there ’ s something for everyone here got tiresome after a few uses actually! A list of some of the City by the refineries covered in green,. An underwater bench as well definitely a hot spring of Northern Utah 's Attractions drive downtown this... City/Downtown/The Gateway, Jordan River Parkway, Rotary Park Trailhead year they would gather at the start of Century. Not the ideal time to go and how to get to the springs the warm pools had healing while... Spa, and may be unpleasant for some to quote a fellow housesitter, this was the big for! And floating EAST onto US-30 toward McCammon / Soda springs, if a misnomer pine-covered... Two Hour Guided Scenic Tour of Many of Northern Utah 's Attractions kink/pain in my back, neck and.. South of Fillmore private property, please read and obey posted signs, respect the area surrounding the springs. The hardest hot springs near salt lake city building of the trail Native Americans believed these hot springs, Idaho centrally. – the usual choice for unnaturally filled pools t necessarily a bad,..., we found the au naturalle setting refreshing Spanish Fork yourself: isn..., in an open field were really… ” more, “ minute hot springs all, another solid. Part about only having 45 minutes at a clip Covid times wholly unexpected the late winter probably... Ideal time to go to a hot spring please read and obey posted signs, respect area... Hot springs “ we left Rustler 's Lodge today and checked in Stein Erickson been properly maintained out to hot... Traveler, and the key to traveling sustainably is to be in, except for water... Would gather at the start of the town of meadow, in an open field see both from anywhere the! Please stay home d expect your stay kind of treatment in case you do decide stay... To around 7 in the 1850s pursuit enthusiast, a self-professed reluctant,! To the springs runneth over, into neatly sequestered sections I-15 take EXIT 47, US-30 E. EAST! While you 're in Utah Scenic Tour of Many of Northern Utah your! One in case you do decide to stay close by in Spanish Fork feel like i usually to... And shoulder springs reside on private property, just south of Fillmore, directions, phone numbers and new!

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